Ladies Recreation Club x GreenRace x Joint Dynamics Runner Strength & Conditioning Sessions


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Our 7am Wednesday morning strength and conditioning session is typically 5-6k of running combined with Joint Dynamics physio strength training led by Eddie Robinson & Geoff Bland. It’s great for runners at any level and definitely a solid hour well spent!

  • If you are a beginner, this class gets you some beginners mileage and builds on the running muscles you’ll need to go further!
  • If you’re an intermediate/advanced runner, this class will force you to dedicate at least one hour a week to strength training that will support injury prevention and muscle conditioning for all those Hong Kong steps!
  • Here’s the Strava route for one of our typical sessions

LRC x TGR Run Training Sessions

Please let us know if you require any further information. If you’re ready, then please sign up here! []

Next we’ll get you on our WhatsApp group so you’ll know what the Wednesday workout is in advance, and be able to share your progress and running success with the team!

Hope to have you out running with us!


1 Session, 4 Sessions